Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Almost time..

.. to say goodbye to 2013 and hello to a New Year .. I am trying to be organised and have my first challenge all ready to go...

.. see you tomorrow!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Moving forward into 2014...


Hopefully I am talking to a few of my friends and some of the lovely BFF Blog Friends Forever that I have been doing a picture / blog challenge with for pretty much the last 2 years... firstly at 365+1 in 2012 and last year over at Lucky Snapping in 2013 here

Jen, Anne, Lynne and myself, along with a few of you on guest host duties ran monthly prompts throughout 2013 and despite a few lulls here and there, and some super rescue jobs done mainly by Anne, we have reached the end of 2013.

With much less pre-planning than Jen gave the 2013 challenge last year I thought it might be nice to carry on keeping in touch this year and hopefully add a few new faces and stories.

My idea was that we like to keep in touch weekly at least but not always with lots of wordy thought provoking stuff.. I myself fell by the wayside at some points but found doing a 'December Daily' picture recharged my enthusiasm. 

So this is my plan:

A weekly theme for a single picture that week..e.g. colours

giving at the start of the week an option of a daily picture within the theme..e.g. blue/red / yellow etc

so it suits everyone to add a picture and words if they wish, once or more a week.

 I will aim to post an entry to be uploaded on a Monday...and if possible I shall schedule a week or two in advance so I don't get behind.  Several of you have offered to get involved with prompts so once under-way maybe you can have a think of some ideas and email them to me at.............. kathijo at hotmail dot co dot uk..... (hoping the spammers won't get me there!)

I will make it a short week to start, so let me know what you think in comments below and look out for Week 1 on Wednesday!

PS New blog was easiest way .. I will tweak colours tomorrow from my easy peasy PC!