Monday, 26 May 2014

Week 22: Fabrics

Polish Bridesmaids
Well it was lovely to look at the variegated patch of blog thumbnails  last week! Good to hear from Lynne, Karen and Joy again and it looks like Colours was a popular prompt!

I have been thinking about this week's prompt and thought that it might be nice to look at                                                                Fabrics..

We have them all around us.. some we love.. some we hate.. some patterned, some smooth and slick.. show me yours!

Here are some daily ideas.. or make a collage of a few for your single weekly posting.

  • Monday.............. Florals
  • Tuesday ............Cotton 
  • Wednesday..............Curtains or Cushions
  • Thursday................Favourite fabrics
  • Friday ................ Comfy Clothing
  • Saturday ............'I just can't stand the feel of....'
  • Sunday ........ Indulgence!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Week 21 .. Colours in nature

Hello! What a fabulous weekend of sunshine and good feelings that summer is just around the corner!  I hope everyone managed some relaxing time..

I was out in our garden yesterday afternoon and this is where I came up with today's prompt..

Share with us 'Colours in Nature' ..

You may not have to go far from the back (or front) door for this one. I have all my colours planned already but maybe that's the perk of being the prompt setter!!

  • Monday .... Yellow
  • Tuesday .... Blue
  • Wednesday ... Pink
  • Thursday ... White
  • Friday ... Greens
  • Saturday .. Variegated
  • Sunday .. Red

.. and for good measure here are some of my favourite flowers .. so red.. so purple!

We should have a lovely variegated patch of blog links below.. see you there!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Week 20 .. and Drink!

Monday morning catch up girls!

Show me your Drinks this week, you don't even have to leave the house for these pictures! (well maybe midweek!)

    • Monday... Last drink before bed.
    • Tuesday ... My Breakfast beverage!
    • Wednesday ... at the Cafe
    • Thursday ... Holiday Tipples
    • Friday ... Thank Goodness It's Friday!
    • Saturday ... naughty but (N)ice
    • Sunday ... celebrate the weekend!
Just to reflect back a week to my coffee at Lyon airport.. 

Hope you have a great week everyone!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Week 19..Food, glorious food!

Well , for a change I am 'on it' this week.. writing on Thursday as I get my 'ducks in a row'.. you see we have decided to go visit a customer in Lyon, France on Monday.. yes, that's a Bank Holiday for us, but not for them (they have two this week and two next).. so it's a weekend in Lyon for us two first, a little lazing, a pinch of culture perhaps and plenty of wandering!  So I have had to get organised..

In keeping with the French domination of the culinary world I thought this week we could look at ...........'Food'

Show us the food / meals/ snacks you encounter this week.. your favourite or your big aversion! (mine is celery!)

here's a few suggestions:

  • Monday... our evening meal
  • Tuesday... Snack time!
  • Wednesday... Breakfast
  • Thursday.... my Food Hell!
  • Friday... my Food Heaven!
  • Saturday ... Weekend Treats.
  • I Love Jordan's Chelsea Buns!
  • Sunday .. Is it traditional Sunday Roast or lazy day food?

Have fun .. hope you manage to show us something ..  

Kathi xx