Monday, 28 July 2014

Week 31 : Your Summer Out & About

What fabulous fabulous weather we are having here in the UK!  We are well overdue to have a proper Summer and we are having the most gorgeous sunsets in the evenings.

I know we shared our summer views last week and thank you to everyone for them (I have mine all drafted but need to be in the office to publish.. somehow my laptop doesn't like dragging the images..!) 

Sorry if I did not manage to visit and comment on everyone's, will try better this week.

.. but this week I thought I would ask you to photograph some ..
Out and About Summer Views,
 share the summer colours and vibrancy !

Here's a few ideas:
  • Monday.... Summer shopping
  • Tuesday....  Summer Food
  • Wednesday...Sunrise or Sunset
  • Thursday ... Colourful Clothes
  • Friday .... Sunlight and Shade
  • Saturday ... Children in the Sunshine
  • Sunday ... Summer water
Hope you enjoy it...

Monday, 21 July 2014

Week 30 : Summer Season's Views

Scrapbooked Summer
Can you believe we are on our third season.. January was Winter, April was Spring and here we are in Summer!  I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous spell of proper English Summer (or summer wherever else you are!)

This Season's Views : Summer

You can have a lazy week and just post one view for the whole week if you wish, but try and take a view you used back in Week 5, Winter.. or Week 17 Spring.

... but if you want to join in every day, or some days then here's a few ideas..(you can mix these up if you like as maybe you need to think about some of them over a couple of days)
  • Monday  ... Garden View or Through the Window
  • Tuesday  ... This season's favourite meal 
  • Wednesday ...  Sky View
  • Thursday   ... Family or friends
  • Friday  ...  This season's favourite outfit
  • Saturday ...  View of a frequently visited place
  • Sunday  (...bear with me on this one..)   Feet first.. show us your feet / shoes in this season's setting! (apologies for that one, it came from one of my creative thinking design colleagues!) Hopefully we may get snow / sand and autumn leaves but who knows!
Looking forward to these!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Week 29: Play it by Numbers!

I really enjoyed your window and mirror views. Thanks as ever for joining in. I still need to get around to everyone for the week before as well, but it's been a busy week catching up from being away and we have also had our two eldest grand daughters to sleepover whilst parents do some fun stuff!

I am writing this as Auntie Kate oversees some TV time and I am meant to be showering!

So.. what for this week....(thinks hard).. can you believe we are past the half way point of the year. Next week we shall revisit our seasonal views so remember to snap those places and things whilst you are doing things this week.

Thinking of half way points, maybe we should play around with Numbers this a very flexible way !  

You can pretty much choose the pictures you like but try and match them to the daily prompt!

(I just had to check back we hadn't done this before but it must have been the 365+1 days when we did numbers last.)

Here's some daily prompts, absolutely free to choose the subject so long as it links to the number:

  • Monday... two / twin (two peas in a pod or twin girls maybe?)
  • Tuesday ... fifty  (years ago or pennies?)
  • Wednesday... ten ( fingers or toes or any ten you like!)
  • Thursday ... three (is a crowd?)
  • Friday ... seven (days a week or little dwarves?)
  • Saturday ... One ( a lonely one or the only one?)
  • Sunday ... 99! 

Have fun with these!  

Monday, 7 July 2014

Week 28 : Through the looking glass.

Hi everyone.

I am writing this Sunday evening and its been quite a week since I last wrote or blogged. Zac had his Passing out Ceremony at the Maritime Training Academy and we had a few days away as well.  Work kicked in for a couple of days and now I am just back from our girlie shopping trip to Plymouth... so I have lots of pictures to share and am in a rush to get this prompt done for you!

I have hardly had chance to look at everyone's 'From the Back' pictures but shall try to browse and comment tomorrow.. thanks for all your efforts, as ever... and mine will follow.. tomorrow!

I was travelling home on the train from Plymouth and took this picture of a Vintage type train which pulled into the station alongside our train... can you see the well upholstered First Class seats with tables set for cream teas and the lovely table lamps?
I have looked it up and it is one of the Steam & Cream events at Bodmin... see here!

This got me thinking and howabout this week we share some:
 pictures taken through a window, or in a Mirror (Looking Glass)

Here are a few daily prompts in case you need them:
  • Monday ..... through my kitchen window
  • Tuesday .... from a bedroom window
  • Wednesday ... image in a Mirror
  • Thursday ... looking in a shop window
  • Friday ... 'Not What It Seems'
  • Saturday ... Something Interesting seen through a Window
  • Sunday ... Window or Mirror View on Holiday
Hope you find this fun and not difficult!

Happy peeping!   Kathi xx