Monday, 30 June 2014

Week 27: from the 'Back'

Well I am away from my home til Thursday so I am being extra organised today (Thurs 26th) and sneakily writing this prompt in my lunch break!

Thanks to everyone who is sharing their Selfies or similar this week.  Karen has rejuvenated the prompts with her ideas, good that she is a photographer too as she is coming at it really well from a photo angle.

Instead of being in front of the camera I am going to ask you to take a look at things from a different angle.

Look from the back! 

..the idea is to take some pictures from behind the main subject..perhaps looking back on where you have walked, or from behind the thing which would usually be the main focus of our attention.. I hope you get what I mean!

Here are a few ideas:
  • Monday...back view of you!
  • Tuesday... a group of people from behind
  • Wednesday...back view of a landmark
  • Thursday...from behind a flower
  • Friday...the view from behind a sign / billboard
  • Saturday...looking back on your journey
  • Sunday... free choice.. 'from the back'
I shall look forward to these translations!

from behind..
here is a picture from many years ago, taken from behind the subjects .. my Dad and an Uncle working on the fishing boat. >>>

...have a good week everyone!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Week 26 : Selfies!

Okay everyone, I think you did brilliantly with your close-ups. 

Thanks so much to you all for adding your links and also for guessing and enjoying the interaction! Thanks especially to Karen for the idea and for her continued inspiration for this week's prompt.  Sometimes it is hard to break out from a habit of certain formats so it has been refreshing to have her ideas and enthusiasm.

What a gorgeous weekend we have had here in the UK, and I am sure Joy has this great weather most of the time!  I have been out on the boat today (Sunday) and now it is in the harbour we can get out after work some days.   

  My son Ross bought his Go-Pro action camera and we took some footage of a huge jellyfish but my actual photo of it was not quite so good. The pictures we take are often deleted as I think I look a mess with hair all salty and windswept and no make-up!  Did any of you get involved with the no-make-up Selfies on Facebook?

This week I am going to ask you for 7 (or worst case just 1) Selfies!!

Don't panic just yet...

you don't have to take pictures of your face unless you want to.. show us some images which tell us about YOU..!

Here are some ideas, they don't have to be You, just images which portray something about you!..
    • Monday... Crafty Me
    • Tuesday ... Family Me
    • Wednesday ... Social Me
    • Thursday ... Relaxing Me
    • Friday ... Busy or Working Me
    • Saturday ... Morning or Bedtime Me
    • Sunday ... your choice ...You!
This is one I would give as an example of me...'Relaxed Me' has her nails done to feel nice!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Week 25- Abstract Close-Ups.

Hi everyone! 

I hope you all enjoyed a bit of Past Times.. I certainly have. Just completed my one post offering and really enjoyed sharing some of the old stuff.  I don't worry these days if anyone reads my ramblings over on my blog, I just do it for my own pleasure and for the fact that one day a grandchild or even a great grandchild will know how I felt and lived and loved!

So.. we are almost half way through the year!

Karen has come up with another nice suggestion.. she loves her camera and you will be able to tell from this one..

Close Ups!

Turn them into Abstract images and see if we can Guess what they are!

Maybe we could try and post one each day and then put the answers here on Sunday?

I won't set a daily prompt then, just hope that each day you can give us something to guess what it is!

Here's an example...>>>

Monday, 9 June 2014

Week 24 : Past Times

My Grandparent's Wedding
Hi everyone.. again I was one of the late breakers with my offerings for last week's challenge and I did all my pictures in one post which can be easier sometimes!

I must also confess to having some help with this weeks prompt, again from Karen, which is lovely.. thank you..xx

She has suggested 'Past Times' and with the recent UK commemoration of the 70th Anniversary Of the D-Day landings in France I think this may be a good time to tell a story or two.. with or without a picture.

We can make it wide ranging so don't feel you have to find your oldest pictures from the depths of that box in your attic.. you could always pinch something from Google which tells the story..

here's a few prompts in case you want to join in every day:

    • Monday....A wedding of the past
    • Tuesday  ..... Cars of yesteryear
    • Wednesday  ..... Toys and hobbies from your youth
    • Thursday .... Clothes we had to wear!
    • Friday ..... How towns change
    • Saturday ... Vintage look today which reminds you of the past
    • Sunday .... make a new picture vintage

I hope they are not too complicated! If in doubt just choose one picture or story to share your Past Times..

Monday, 2 June 2014

Week 23 : Transport

Boats and planes..
Hi everyone! Sorry I did not get my fabrics post done over at kathijo just yet. I did take my pictures but have had quite a bit of other news and pics so haven't posted yet.

Thanks to everyone who has posted..

I was emailing and chatting with Karen and she made a great suggestion for this week's prompt:  Transport ..

Here are a few ideas.. or just do a single post!

  • Monday ..... My car
  • Tuesday.....Two or three wheeled transport
  • Wednesday..... Picture taken from on a train, boat or plane.
  • Thursday..... Vintage Transport
  • Friday.....Public Transport
  • Saturday.....Boats or planes
  • Sunday.....Unusual transport or leisure time transport