Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Well this is my Christmas!

I am away today so this is a phone upload.. will caption when I get home!
In the meantime I hope you all have a fabulous end to the year and that 2015 sees you enjoy lots of nice moments

....Karen has challenged me to blog again proper in 2015 and I really would like to.. so keep in touch. .I have links to everyone on my KathiJo page so I will check in from there.
Thanks to all of you.. For joining in and for being Blog Friends over the past 3 years since we all met at 365+1

Kathi xx

Christmas weather:

christmas Views

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Some of my December Photo-Adventure!

Outdoor Lights / Tree
Just a few of my pictures the past weekend..days busied with Lilly sleeping over..joined by her sisters the next night..visiting Santa on the train and Christmas lights around Mount's Bay..xx

OOOPS! Posted on here instead of KathiJo.. but hey.. it's Christmas!

Nativity at Helston Railway
Nativity in Mousehole
Pinecones in garland.. love these..bought 4!
A (small)pile of cards.. and that's all I did!
First Christmas drink!
Dom's Messiah outfit!
Our meal after Carols at St Levan

Monday, 1 December 2014

Our Christmas Photo ADVENT-ure!

Share with us as many of these 31 images of your December as you can....
Christmas Cheers!
  1. Lists
  2. Shop Window
  3. Pine Cones
  4. Indoor Lights
  5. Outdoor Lights
  6. Mulled wine or a Christmas drink
  7. Holly.. with berries?
  8. Christmas Tree
  9. Father Christmas
  10. Your Christmas 'outfit'
  11. Reindeers.. real or otherwise ;-)
  12. Carol Singers
  13. Church Service ..actual or a Notice of 
  14. Mince Pies
  15. A Nativity
  16. Candles / candlelight
  17. Tinsel or glitter
  18. Wrapping paper
  19. presents ready to deliver
  20. A pile of cards
  21. Food or cake preparation
  22. Visitors
  23. Your favourite bauble or decoration
  24. Christmas Weather
  25. Christmas Stocking
  26. Christmas Dinner
  27. Pudding on fire
  28. Christmas cakes / Yule Log
  29. A log fire
  30. Christmas Pyjamas
  31. A big......(freechoice.. you fill in the blanks!)
Looking at the list I think there is nothing too awkward to find.. and there are so many magazine images to cheat with!

I hope you enjoy it..I look forward to seeing your Christmasses!

Happy Christmas and here's to a great New Year!!

Kathi & Karen  xx

PS I can only get the Link Up to 30th December..sorry!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas Taster.. Photo alert!

Just getting my Advent mind in place.... here are some of Jordan's lovely mince pies to wet your appetite for the Christmas challenge being posted HERE on Monday!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas is Coming! Final Challenge Alert!!

Traditional Tree
So, to end our year of challenges off with a Zing (!)  Karen and I have a cunning plan!

Christmas Photo Advent-ure !!

ADVENT-ure.. hahah.. did you see what I did there?

We will set 31 things for you to find and photograph in the 31 days of December.

To make it easy we will list the 31 things on 1st December (yep, that means we start NEXT MONDAY)

All you have to do is link in with as many or as few of your pictures as you can.  
It may be that you can join in every day or just once a week, but hopefully it will give us  a fun end to the year and we can enjoy seeing each others Advent-ure in the festive time of year.
Gingerbread Houses..

Keep checking in.. and get snapping over the weekend in case you need some stock pictures for some of the prompts..

Best wishes.. 

Kathi (and Karen .. who holds me up at just the right time when I am close to a lapse!)


Monday, 24 November 2014

Wee 48 : From up there.


Just thinking about the run up to the end of the year and I thought it would be nice to have a different slant on the last month. 

In the summer I enjoyed looking out for a few things included in a photo scavenger hunt and I thought we might do the same.. it will have an Advent / end of year / Christmas theme so look out for the details next week 1st December.

For this week lets try and peek back in and offer a few trick photos.. From Up There..

Take some pictures from above an item and see if we can make it a guessing game..

I won't set a daily prompt, let's just aim for one or two!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Week 47 : Rerun to the Shops!

Oh dear I think my lack of momentum.. or just purely our busy lives have beaten us all here lately!

Shall we just try and revisit the shops again this week.. see week 46 below..

Thanks guys!

K xx

Monday, 10 November 2014

Week 46..Shops!

I know I am behind.. just surfacing after the holiday!!

So a quick one this week..

Show me some Shops!

Monday... near your house
Tuesday ... a cafe
Wednesday .. a food store
Thursday ... a Christmassy store!
Friday .. a vegetable stall
Saturday ... craft shop
Sunday ... a store open on a sunday

Sorry it's so crazy busy in my life..

(PS Not sure if most people are pals with Viv on Facebook, but she has been in hospital in France whilst on her trip. I think she is doing good, sending all our best wishes and love for a speedy recovery)

Kathi xx

Monday, 3 November 2014

Week 45 : Letters

I am away this week.. chasing some sun in Lanzarote.. and I know several of the crew are also away.. Viv.. Karen.. but I thought I would be organised and post this for you whilst I am away.

Nice and easy, lets just ..

blog some letters..

    • Monday...something beginning with 'A'
    • Tuesday...something ending in 'T'
    • Wednesday .... a favourite thing starting with 'C'
    • Thursday ... a place begining with 'L'
    • Friday ... a food begining with 'D'
    • Saturday ... 'S' is for 'something I saw on Saturday'
    • Sunday ... 'M' is for..?

An InLinkz Link-up

Monday, 27 October 2014

Week 44 : Autumn Views

Can you believe we are on our last season.. we are all still here, peeking and posting when we can..just not quite as prolific posters as when we started!

This Season's Views : Autumn

You can have a lazy week and just post one view for the whole week if you wish, but try and take a view you used back in Week 5 Winter.. Week 17 Spring.. or Week 30 Summer.

... but if you want to join in every day, or some days then here's a few ideas..(you can mix these up if you like as maybe you need to think about some of them over a couple of days)
  • Monday  ... Garden View or Through the Window
  • Tuesday  ... This season's favourite meal 
  • Wednesday ...  Sky View
  • Thursday   ... Family or friends
  • Friday  ...  This season's favourite outfit
  • Saturday ...  View of a frequently visited place
  • Sunday  (...bear with me on this one..)   Feet first.. show us your feet / shoes in this season's setting! (apologies for that one, it came from one of my creative thinking design colleagues!) Hopefully we may get snow / sand and autumn leaves but who knows!
Looking forward to these!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Week 43 : Time out!

Hi.. (she says sheepishly as she realises she has missed early Monday deadline again.. and also failed miserably to blog this week!)

But.. on the good side.. Colin is away for a couple of nights so my plan is to 'get up to date' (probably in time to fall behind when I go away on holiday next week!)

I was thinking that with the changing season it would be good to share the things we are doing this week..   What Are You Doing This Week!

For me, autumn means lovely brisk walks without too much wind chill and still the warmth of the sun on a good day.
  • Monday...Indoors
  • Tuesday ... Outdoors
  • Wednesday ... Work
  • Thursday ... Rest
  • Friday ... Play
  • Saturday ... Family stuff
  • Sunday ... Treating myself!
Hope you are all having a good week!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Week 42 : Picture this!

Ornament at our house!
Hi everyone.. it is a very dull wet day here in deepest Cornwall. I am not sure we have seen daylight yet!

Amazingly Viv is again our stalwart contributor last week despite being away for a month.. have a great time Viv!

I blogged last week! Albeit at 3am and ramblings about why I hadn't been about, but hey..

This week I thought it would be nice to share with each other some pictures ... or painting... or objets d'art we have in our houses.. or see in our travels... or ones we love to look at !

Show us your Great Pictures or Things you Like to Look at!

    • Monday... in your house
    • Tuesday .. in a gallery
    • Wednesday ... in a shop window
    • Thursday ... family picture
    • Friday .. from yesteryear
    • Saturday ... landscape
    • Sunday ... ornament in your living room

Monday, 6 October 2014

Week 41 : Liquid refreshment!

Oh my goodness.. is it Monday already! I was just resting with a coffee amid my morning rush and thought I would browse my bookmarks.. and there it is.. Lucky 7's and I haven't done the prompt.... sack me.. !

Following on from food, let's see how we all enjoy a drink this week.. 

Show us your Drinks!

  • Monday  ... Evening Tipple
  • Tuesday ... Cup of Cuddle
  • Wednesday .. Refreshing on a Hot Day
  • Thursday ... Drink with friends
  • Friday .. Snack with your Drink?
  • Saturday ... Luxury Drink
  • Sunday ... Free choice

Have a good week everyone..xx

Monday, 29 September 2014

Week 40 : Hungry?

A little late today, but here all the same!

Busy days in the world of KathiJo.. but I thought this week we could :

Share some Food!

Let's share the mealtimes and the secret snacks!

  • Monday ... Suppertime
  • Tuesday ... Breakfast
  • Wednesday ... Secret snacks
  • Thursday ... Lunch 
  • Friday ... Evening meal
  • Saturday ... Naughty but Nice
  • Sunday ... Healthy Options

Monday, 22 September 2014

Week 39 : Shoes!

Hi everyone!
I was looking back at Karen's suggestions and just couldn't resist this one.

Show us some Shoes!

We all have them and I bet we all have some to fit each of the weekly prompts!

  • Monday ... Summer Shoes
  • Tuesday ... Boots or Winter Shoes
  • Wednesday ... Special Purchase Shoes
  • Thursday ...Children's Shoes
  • Friday ... 'Never Worn Them' Shoes
  • Saturday ... Shoes Dream / Shoe Nightmare!
  • Sunday ...'Under your bed in a box' shoes

Monday, 15 September 2014

Week 38 : from Down Under!

So I still haven't even blogged my own summer events yet! But I haven't forgotten the challenge.

Hope you are all enjoying the gradual drift into the new season.  I have taken an idea of Karen's again this week... share with us some different views..

Views from Ground Level / Down There!

Try taking your pictures with the camera on floor level or when you are lying down looking up..

Not a daily prompt this week.. just a few ideas:

  • Houses
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Objects & Ornaments
  • Outdoors
  • Indoors

 are a few fun pictures I took of our lovely 15 year old cat last week.. Ground level shots make him look like the King of the World!

Hope you have fun with this one!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Week 37 : Changing seasons.

Hi everyone! How is everyone? I think most of us saw that Viv has met up with Borqna.... wasn't that great?
Autumn evening..Long shadows.

Even my family have noticed that I haven't blogged on my own site for almost 3 weeks... but I have a bunch of things I need to update there and hope to do that this week.

Karen and I have been chatting and she has come up with some nice ideas which I will use in the next few weeks..and this week is an idea we both had.. so it must be good ! ;-)

Share with us the .........Signs of Autumn's a few ideas, but feel free to make just one or two posts if it suits you better!
  • Monday ... Autumn light
  • Tuesday ... Changing surroundings
  • Wednesday ... Summer's gone!
  • Thursday ... Fallen leaves
  • Friday ... New season clothes?
  • Saturday ... on the TV!
  • Sunday ... In the Stores.
(I am now wondering if Joy is shaking her head again at my missing out on her tropical location.. I think it might be more wet and windy with her, but I am sure there will be a few more subtle changes out there too??)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Week 36: Boxing clever?

Well I imagine that I may have been more noticeable by my absence than by my scintillating blog posts I am afraid! It's been a crazy few weeks here with lots of catering and family time over the Bank Holiday and the last weekend in August we are at the MotoGP at Silverstone with a bunch of the people we work with, so I am scheduling this before we leave.
Lilly's Loom Box!

Thanks to all of you who are dipping in and out on the challenges.. I am sure we will regroup a bit as the evenings close in.

I am scheduling this ahead of time, otherwise I am sure it would be later than ever.

This week let's share some Boxes!

Ideas for your week:
  • Monday... Storage boxes
  • Tuesday ... Decorative or Ugly boxes
  • Wednesday ... Boxes of Junk
  • Thursday ... Boxes I cannot throw away
  • Friday .... Boxes I have seen today
  • Saturday ... Unusual boxes
  • Sunday ... Random choice .. but still boxes!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Week 35: Travel Tales

Hi again everyone!
Hope the Bank Holiday weekend (here in the UK anyways) has been kind to you.

My Favourite Holiday Activity
We have had a very busy birthday weekend with my Father-in-Law and I am almost a day late posting this. Apologies for the lateness but I have excuses a-plenty.

I am a little slow on a prompt for this week so I will use the Fancy Dress theme we had for the party.. Travel

Can you share with us some of your best travel stories or images..

  • Monday .... dream destination
  • Tuesday  ... worst trip ever!
  • Wednesday  ... close to home
  • Thursday ... far away
  • Friday  ... activity or relaxing?
  • Saturday  ... childhood trips
  • Sunday  ... fantasy holiday guest!

Hope this prompts some fun thoughts.. especially that fantasy guest!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Week 34: Paper Mates (try again!)

(Having to repost this as I noticed it disappears when you click on it!)

Well I was just trying to think of something a little different for this week!  Something we all have to share and something we might all come across in our week, whatever we are doing.

And then I thought of boxes.. cards .. all made of 'Paper'

so.. share with us the things you see and do made or paper.. so many possibilities..

here's a few ideas, but feel free to add your own..

  • Monday ... Newspapers
  • Tuesday ... Cards
  • Wednesday ... Bags or Boxes
  • Thursday ... Posters
  • Friday ... Tissue or crepe
  • Saturday  ... Hobby papers
  • Sunday ... Your choice

Monday, 11 August 2014

Week 33: Sky pictures

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lateness, the weekend ran away from me!

thanks for your offerings on the Centenary of WW1. I still have to read them..

Easy prompt this week.. with the weather being quite brusque this week and winds passing quickly over the country, passing us first in the South West, the Uk will probably have it's fair shame of what the weathermen call 'mixed weather'
Cute Clouds at the Mount

(Sorry Joy.. I am enviously imagining all your skies will be blue in Belize, but maybe you can find us some glorious sunsets or sunrises..)

Show me some Skies !!

Here's a few ideas, no days specified as who knows if and when!

    • Blue sky
    • Cute clouds
    • Grey clouds threatening
    • Sunrise
    • Sunset
    • Through the trees
    • Over the horizon
    • Sea and sky

Monday, 4 August 2014

Week 32 : Centenary

Hi everyone.. I am running late and writing this in real time.. 9.25am Monday!  I had a busy weekend with helping at Jordan's food fair stall and then out in the boat a little yesterday.. came home and had my lie-in in the afternoon instead.. so I got up twice yesterday!

All the news here in the UK is about the Centenary, 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of the First World war and although some of us are not in the UK I hope you don't mind if I use this as this week's theme.  

I am sure that even if you are not here you can find some pictures or stories of the past to share...(you know how I love nostalgia!)

I will try and make the theme loose so we can all have something to share:

100 (years anniversary..)

Here's a few ideas, hard ones to choose specific things to photograph, so maybe just aim to get one good post this week if it is difficult.:
  • Monday.... Candles / Lights Out
  • Tuesday....  A Memorial Stone or Place
  • Wednesday...Soldier's Story
  • Thursday ... 100 years ago
  • Friday .... Family story
  • Saturday ... Now and then
  • Sunday ... Living Long Ago
I think we may be surprised at each other's stories..

Kathi x

Monday, 28 July 2014

Week 31 : Your Summer Out & About

What fabulous fabulous weather we are having here in the UK!  We are well overdue to have a proper Summer and we are having the most gorgeous sunsets in the evenings.

I know we shared our summer views last week and thank you to everyone for them (I have mine all drafted but need to be in the office to publish.. somehow my laptop doesn't like dragging the images..!) 

Sorry if I did not manage to visit and comment on everyone's, will try better this week.

.. but this week I thought I would ask you to photograph some ..
Out and About Summer Views,
 share the summer colours and vibrancy !

Here's a few ideas:
  • Monday.... Summer shopping
  • Tuesday....  Summer Food
  • Wednesday...Sunrise or Sunset
  • Thursday ... Colourful Clothes
  • Friday .... Sunlight and Shade
  • Saturday ... Children in the Sunshine
  • Sunday ... Summer water
Hope you enjoy it...

Monday, 21 July 2014

Week 30 : Summer Season's Views

Scrapbooked Summer
Can you believe we are on our third season.. January was Winter, April was Spring and here we are in Summer!  I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous spell of proper English Summer (or summer wherever else you are!)

This Season's Views : Summer

You can have a lazy week and just post one view for the whole week if you wish, but try and take a view you used back in Week 5, Winter.. or Week 17 Spring.

... but if you want to join in every day, or some days then here's a few ideas..(you can mix these up if you like as maybe you need to think about some of them over a couple of days)
  • Monday  ... Garden View or Through the Window
  • Tuesday  ... This season's favourite meal 
  • Wednesday ...  Sky View
  • Thursday   ... Family or friends
  • Friday  ...  This season's favourite outfit
  • Saturday ...  View of a frequently visited place
  • Sunday  (...bear with me on this one..)   Feet first.. show us your feet / shoes in this season's setting! (apologies for that one, it came from one of my creative thinking design colleagues!) Hopefully we may get snow / sand and autumn leaves but who knows!
Looking forward to these!