Monday, 31 March 2014

Week 14: Mothers & Mothering.

Hi everyone.

Writing this on Sunday and realising that everyone is a little preoccupied at the moment I thought I would give us an 'easy week' and not ask for too much from you.

In the UK today is Mother's Day. or more correctly 'Mothering Sunday. Lots has been written about the history of the day, how people used to go back to their 'Mother Church' and so on; later children working in service used it as an opportunity to return to see their families before the Easter holidays..and now it has become a day to honour our Mums and especially for children to make or give them gifts.

So, moving on a little from last week's 'Family' prompt, I thought I would ask you to tell us something about .. 
Mothers or Mothering.. can tell us about your own Mum, or if that is a little hard, share with us how your children have celebrated Mother's Day in your house...... or maybe just an anecdote about 'Mothering'

or even just one picture of a Mother-type event this week.

The picture is a great shot of my Mum with Ross about 25 years ago.. x

PS At the end of April we can revisit our 'Views' (from week 5) and see how Spring has arrived .. in case you are out and about and want to take your photos in readiness..x

Monday, 24 March 2014

Week 13 : Family

Hi everyone.. a small crew of late but everyone has busy lives and it is nice to hear that everyone has things going on but still manages to peek now and then.

I myself have been away and last week had to offer a single blog entry for all my 'entrances'.  
I thought I would try and make this a week when we can draw on old pictures or maybe just one picture if it is easier for you..

Show us some  'Family' 

It doesn't have to be the family today, or your own family.. maybe it could be just a candid picture of other people who may or may not be a family, depending on if you know them or not! Or even a pet family?

Here's a few ideas:
    • Monday.... Brothers and / or Sisters
    • Tuesday.... Family Resemblance?
    • Wednesday... Family Heirloom
    • Thursday... Generation gap?
    • Friday... Sibling Rivalry?
    • Saturday... a Family of...(something!)
    • Sunday ... Vintage family photo
here's one of mine.. my brother and Grandad, probably about 1955 !

Monday, 17 March 2014

Week 12: Entrances

Well I am posting this on a schedule, but I am hoping that it will work okay and as if by magic my prompt will appear even though I am having a few days away with my brood..

As I know where I will be I was trying to think of some pictures I may be able to upload from my trip.. one of the memorable things from the place we stay in is the steps and doorways, all interestingly lit and quite dramatic, so it got me thinking about ... 


  • Monday.... A Front Door
  • Tuesday .. A Grand Entrance
  • Wednesday .. an 'Unhappy' or 'Distressed' Entrance
  • Thursday .. Entrance to a Special Place
  • Friday ... Steps to an Entrance
  • Saturday ... A Modern Entrance
  • Sunday ... A Surprise Entrance
I look forward to seeing what you come up with..plenty of scope!  Kathi xx

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Week 11: Light

Hi everyone.. so sorry I wasn't on daily mode last week, I had books in my head all week but just didn't seem to get to posting..we had birthdays and busy days at work so the days just ran away from me..thanks to everyone who so kindly kept things rolling.

Tropical Natural Light

I am away from this Tuesday to the middle of next week, we are off to some warmer days in tenerife and taking time to chill (or make that warm) with our three youngest..Zac is finally getting his sleep pattern sorted after 4 months of watch keeping and I think the timing of a week off will be fine!

This week we are looking for Lights!

    • Monday ... Indoor Lights
    • Tuesday ... Light & Dark
    • Wednesday .. Reflection
    • Thursday... Sunlight
    • Friday ... Shadowplay
    • Saturday ... Natural Light
    • Sunday ...with Flash

Monday, 3 March 2014

Week 10: Books!

Thanks everyone for your shapely efforts last week.. not sure I made it very easy.. I still owe one or two but have just not been out much beyond the same old same old..

I am feeling rather pleased with myself right 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon as this idea has just come to me.   I was driving my eldest grand-daughter Lilly home from school on Friday and we were talking about the fact that on Thursday this week it is her sister's 3rd birthday and also my Kate's 17th...They share a birthday and here is my blog from that special day 3 years ago. .. here! and here!

Lilly told me that it is also International Book Day on Thursday and that everyone at school is dressing up as a book character, but she didn't sound very keen, even with my suggestions of Judy Moody or 'herself' as the main character in one of those 'Book about Me' you can write yourself.....she had been to after school sport and was tired and not very receptive about anything at that point and she is not a girl you can cajole. 

But it got me thinking and I realised that Books would be a great subject as you may not need to go take many imaginative pictures, in fact you may have to steal pictures from Google Images and you could get wordy if you like .. and for sure my Jordan will have some more to share about her cookbooks!

So let's focus on Books this week and here are a few prompts if you want to join in daily...

    • Monday .. Today I read...
    • Tuesday .. Fact or Fiction?
    • Wednesday. .Favourite read to Children
    • Thursday..Favourite Character in a Book
    • Friday... A Great Reference Book
    • Saturday..Your Childhood Memory or favourite
    • Sunday.. Your Book shelves.