Monday, 28 April 2014

Week 18..Signs!

.. so sorry for my lateness! I was away at the weekend, well only for a night but it relaxed me so much I clean forgot about the challenge til late last evening!

So... this week.. show me the Signs you encounter in the week.. shop signwriting, sale signs, pub name signs and just fun price tags or food labels which make you smile.

Or maybe something which reminds you of long ago.. or just how modern life is today.

Here are a few ideas:  do them in any order you like.. or just choose one!

  • Monday ... a road sign
  • Tuesday ... a fantastic elaborate sign
  • Wednesday ... a hastily written sign (probably wrongly spelt!)
  • Thursday... a sign that makes you want to look inside
  • Friday ... a 'sign of the times'
  • Saturday ... a 'play on words' sign
  • Sunday ... a sign you find comforting... maybe a food label!
Here's one I like:

Monday, 21 April 2014

Week 17..oops!

Sorry guys.. lost a day .. hope you had a nice Easter weekend whatever you chose to do..

One of my favourite weeks in 2013 was Jen's View week. I wasn't always able to get to my special places but the kids were on board and even offered to take my Porthcurno view if they were out that way.

So.. as a slant on Jen's original idea I thought we would have a Views Week, but once each season, that will be late January / April / July and October. 

This Season's Views : Spring

You can have a lazy week and just post one view for the whole week if you wish, but try and take a view you used back in week 5, Winter.. 

... but if you want to join in every day, or some days then here's a few ideas..(you can mix these up if you like as maybe you need to think about some of them over a couple of days)
  • Monday   Garden View or Through the Window
  • Tuesday   This season's favourite meal 
  • Wednesday   Sky View
  • Thursday    Family or friends
  • Friday    This season's favourite outfit
  • Saturday   View of a frequently visited place
  • Sunday  (...bear with me on this one..)   Feet first.. show us your feet / shoes in this season's setting! (apologies for that one, it came from one of my creative thinking design colleagues!) Hopefully we may get snow / sand and autumn leaves but who knows!
Just to get the Spring-like mood's our first al fresco of the year...

Monday, 14 April 2014

Week 16: Easter week

Hi..a little late this Monday, but what a beautiful (albeit chilly) morning here in the UK!

Thanks to Viv and Borqna for keeping the Lucky 7's flag flying, we will hang in there until the rest of you can catch us again.  I have even been slow this week with a grim cold and plenty of family toing and froing!

Hope Lynne is having a good holiday in Cyprus and maybe Joy is closer to getting herself a house out in Belize.

As we are a small band of bloggers of late and it is holiday time, with Easter at the weekend, I thought I would just ask you to show us some of the Easter inspiration you see this week.

No daily prompts, just take it easy and enjoy your week..

Show us your Easter holiday images for this week... have a lovely time if you are on holiday, if your children are at home.. or if you are just getting down to some chores for the long weekend..

.. Kathi x

Monday, 7 April 2014

Week 15 : In praise of Houses and their parts!

Hello everyone!

It has been a hectic week for many of us and I am sure we all wish Lynne well with her news.. keep posting Lynne and let us see you and Peter enjoy some sunshine and lazy days together in Cyprus next week.

Viv kindly wrote to me today and inspired this week's prompt.

I am asking you to show us some Houses you see during the week..

I will give you a daily nudge but if you are in the throws of a busy time then just give me the most interesting place you spotted in your travels this week (that prize may be won by Joy in Belize I guess. there must be interesting places there... )

  • Monday....Chimneys
  • Tuesday... Roof without a Chimney!
  • Wednesday ... Window
  • Thursday ... Unusual house
  • Friday ... Modern house
  • Saturday ... A House that used to be a -----
  • Sunday ... Where I would like to live.

Good luck with it!