Monday, 27 October 2014

Week 44 : Autumn Views

Can you believe we are on our last season.. we are all still here, peeking and posting when we can..just not quite as prolific posters as when we started!

This Season's Views : Autumn

You can have a lazy week and just post one view for the whole week if you wish, but try and take a view you used back in Week 5 Winter.. Week 17 Spring.. or Week 30 Summer.

... but if you want to join in every day, or some days then here's a few ideas..(you can mix these up if you like as maybe you need to think about some of them over a couple of days)
  • Monday  ... Garden View or Through the Window
  • Tuesday  ... This season's favourite meal 
  • Wednesday ...  Sky View
  • Thursday   ... Family or friends
  • Friday  ...  This season's favourite outfit
  • Saturday ...  View of a frequently visited place
  • Sunday  (...bear with me on this one..)   Feet first.. show us your feet / shoes in this season's setting! (apologies for that one, it came from one of my creative thinking design colleagues!) Hopefully we may get snow / sand and autumn leaves but who knows!
Looking forward to these!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Week 43 : Time out!

Hi.. (she says sheepishly as she realises she has missed early Monday deadline again.. and also failed miserably to blog this week!)

But.. on the good side.. Colin is away for a couple of nights so my plan is to 'get up to date' (probably in time to fall behind when I go away on holiday next week!)

I was thinking that with the changing season it would be good to share the things we are doing this week..   What Are You Doing This Week!

For me, autumn means lovely brisk walks without too much wind chill and still the warmth of the sun on a good day.
  • Monday...Indoors
  • Tuesday ... Outdoors
  • Wednesday ... Work
  • Thursday ... Rest
  • Friday ... Play
  • Saturday ... Family stuff
  • Sunday ... Treating myself!
Hope you are all having a good week!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Week 42 : Picture this!

Ornament at our house!
Hi everyone.. it is a very dull wet day here in deepest Cornwall. I am not sure we have seen daylight yet!

Amazingly Viv is again our stalwart contributor last week despite being away for a month.. have a great time Viv!

I blogged last week! Albeit at 3am and ramblings about why I hadn't been about, but hey..

This week I thought it would be nice to share with each other some pictures ... or painting... or objets d'art we have in our houses.. or see in our travels... or ones we love to look at !

Show us your Great Pictures or Things you Like to Look at!

    • Monday... in your house
    • Tuesday .. in a gallery
    • Wednesday ... in a shop window
    • Thursday ... family picture
    • Friday .. from yesteryear
    • Saturday ... landscape
    • Sunday ... ornament in your living room

Monday, 6 October 2014

Week 41 : Liquid refreshment!

Oh my goodness.. is it Monday already! I was just resting with a coffee amid my morning rush and thought I would browse my bookmarks.. and there it is.. Lucky 7's and I haven't done the prompt.... sack me.. !

Following on from food, let's see how we all enjoy a drink this week.. 

Show us your Drinks!

  • Monday  ... Evening Tipple
  • Tuesday ... Cup of Cuddle
  • Wednesday .. Refreshing on a Hot Day
  • Thursday ... Drink with friends
  • Friday .. Snack with your Drink?
  • Saturday ... Luxury Drink
  • Sunday ... Free choice

Have a good week everyone..xx