Monday, 28 April 2014

Week 18..Signs!

.. so sorry for my lateness! I was away at the weekend, well only for a night but it relaxed me so much I clean forgot about the challenge til late last evening!

So... this week.. show me the Signs you encounter in the week.. shop signwriting, sale signs, pub name signs and just fun price tags or food labels which make you smile.

Or maybe something which reminds you of long ago.. or just how modern life is today.

Here are a few ideas:  do them in any order you like.. or just choose one!

  • Monday ... a road sign
  • Tuesday ... a fantastic elaborate sign
  • Wednesday ... a hastily written sign (probably wrongly spelt!)
  • Thursday... a sign that makes you want to look inside
  • Friday ... a 'sign of the times'
  • Saturday ... a 'play on words' sign
  • Sunday ... a sign you find comforting... maybe a food label!
Here's one I like:


  1. I'm already hungry!
    / Smile! /
    Go Kathi, go!

    1. Thanks for bearing with me Borqna! Big love x

  2. Another great week Kathi. I'm looking forward to it