Monday, 7 April 2014

Week 15 : In praise of Houses and their parts!

Hello everyone!

It has been a hectic week for many of us and I am sure we all wish Lynne well with her news.. keep posting Lynne and let us see you and Peter enjoy some sunshine and lazy days together in Cyprus next week.

Viv kindly wrote to me today and inspired this week's prompt.

I am asking you to show us some Houses you see during the week..

I will give you a daily nudge but if you are in the throws of a busy time then just give me the most interesting place you spotted in your travels this week (that prize may be won by Joy in Belize I guess. there must be interesting places there... )

  • Monday....Chimneys
  • Tuesday... Roof without a Chimney!
  • Wednesday ... Window
  • Thursday ... Unusual house
  • Friday ... Modern house
  • Saturday ... A House that used to be a -----
  • Sunday ... Where I would like to live.

Good luck with it!


  1. It looks like there are only 3 of us this week. I wonder where every one has gone.

    1. Yes I know... I haven't done tomorrow's prompt yet as I have not been too great.. horrible head cold and busy with the family.. but I will do it tomorrow morning when I feel a bit more inspired! I am thinking to just do a single prompt for a few weeks til people have settled back after the break for Easter and things. I don't like to leave something 'unfinished' so I will do a prompt each week, just maybe not a daily prompt too if there are only a small crew. Thanks for your continued support Vic and Borqna .. I know Lynne is away and also Joy has no regular contact at the moment and as we are really doing it to keep in touch I am happy to continue.. If you want.. love to you all Kathi xx