Monday, 19 May 2014

Week 21 .. Colours in nature

Hello! What a fabulous weekend of sunshine and good feelings that summer is just around the corner!  I hope everyone managed some relaxing time..

I was out in our garden yesterday afternoon and this is where I came up with today's prompt..

Share with us 'Colours in Nature' ..

You may not have to go far from the back (or front) door for this one. I have all my colours planned already but maybe that's the perk of being the prompt setter!!

  • Monday .... Yellow
  • Tuesday .... Blue
  • Wednesday ... Pink
  • Thursday ... White
  • Friday ... Greens
  • Saturday .. Variegated
  • Sunday .. Red

.. and for good measure here are some of my favourite flowers .. so red.. so purple!

We should have a lovely variegated patch of blog links below.. see you there!


  1. Hi KathiJo,
    I was browsing your blog and saw that we already have a new theme!
    What a great topic - I am glad that we will have a really colorful week!
    Dear ladies, I wish you health and good mood at all.
    / Thank you very much for your kind words and support.
    My family is faced with new challenges -
    the health of a family member and choose a new school for Vlady.
    But I have a commitment to you and I will continue participation until there are new topics./
    Have a nice week!

    1. That is kind.. please don't worry for daily connections,. I like to think that anyone can join in just once a week for the main idea .. or daily if they wish.
      I will be thinking of you.. hope all goes well with the new challenges ;-)