Monday, 5 May 2014

Week 19..Food, glorious food!

Well , for a change I am 'on it' this week.. writing on Thursday as I get my 'ducks in a row'.. you see we have decided to go visit a customer in Lyon, France on Monday.. yes, that's a Bank Holiday for us, but not for them (they have two this week and two next).. so it's a weekend in Lyon for us two first, a little lazing, a pinch of culture perhaps and plenty of wandering!  So I have had to get organised..

In keeping with the French domination of the culinary world I thought this week we could look at ...........'Food'

Show us the food / meals/ snacks you encounter this week.. your favourite or your big aversion! (mine is celery!)

here's a few suggestions:

  • Monday... our evening meal
  • Tuesday... Snack time!
  • Wednesday... Breakfast
  • Thursday.... my Food Hell!
  • Friday... my Food Heaven!
  • Saturday ... Weekend Treats.
  • I Love Jordan's Chelsea Buns!
  • Sunday .. Is it traditional Sunday Roast or lazy day food?

Have fun .. hope you manage to show us something ..  

Kathi xx

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