Monday, 3 February 2014

Week 6 : Media

Well here I am, writing on a Saturday morning, wondering what we can share with each other this week.  

It may not be a good thing that I am a bit short of inspiration so early in the year, but don't worry.. I have a long list of potential themes, just not one which feels right this week so I am writing while I think.
That could be something to do with the dreariness of winter, so many of us are just battening down and waiting for it to be over, waiting for lighter evenings and a bit of outdoor eating! It's hard to imagine things we can take photos of or share from our week that doesn't involve large puddles or windswept trees.   

Okay so this is my idea : Media Moments

Even if we spend a lot of time indoors we can share our thoughts and memories on these:

    • Monday.... a picture I love
    • Tuesday... my Craft heaven
    • Wednesday... memorable sculpture or art
    • Thursday ... TV favourites 
    • Friday .... the power of Advertising
    • Saturday  ... my Blog story
    • Sunday ... Digital or Print?


  1. Thanks Kathi, wonderful! You are a star xx
    Off to put my thinking cap on and look at the rain again :(

  2. Many thanks for the new challenge, dear KathiJo!
    I need more time to huddle together my mind and my thoughts...
    Great posts, ladies - congratulations!

  3. Hi guys, sorry if I have not been getting round all your blogs this last couple of days, having servers changed in office and not able to sneak a peek that easily.. catch up soon and trying to keep my own blog on straight and narrow.. xx