Monday, 10 February 2014

Week 7 : Shapes

Hi again.. thanks to everyone who took part last week. I missed a couple of days as the evenings were hectic with family stuff and also our office computers were being upgraded so less time to peek and write bits from there!

I have just managed to lose the entry for this prompt, trying to send myself some pictures for the prompt and deleted something in error.. maybe the prompt should be swear words of the world!

Anyway...I have another busy week coming up, we are in the process of getting some new factory buildings and have meetings with all and sundry so I may only be able to post a pic and not much chat....but still, that is what Lucky 7s is about, a weekly prompt if you can only peek in once a week or a daily prompt if you want to be short and sweet but regular!

This week I am asking you to share with me the Shapes you see during your day..whether it is in your home, 'almost' shapes you see in nature .. or like me here, a cheat using the children's Shape Sorter they were playing with yesterday!

Here are some daily prompts..

    • Monday .. Squares or Rectangles
    • Tuesday .. Circles
    • Wednesday .. Triangles
    • Thursday .. Sphere or Oval
    • Friday.. Hearts.. well it is 14th Feb
    • Saturday .. Diamonds
    • Sunday.. Random fluid shapes

Good luck and catch you in the week!


  1. A much easier prompt this week ( I think)

    1. I think you may be right.. probably a bit wordy and thinky last week..looking forward to seeing if we can have some unexpected shape pictures! x

  2. Thanks kathi and hope your week has some 'ME' time ((hugs)) xx

    1. I do kind of like being busy though, but also like to bemoan the fact.. typical mother! x

  3. Thank you very much for the new theme, dear KathiJo - I am very glad about it!
    /Despite my fatigue, I'll catch up./
    Have a nice week!