Monday, 17 February 2014

Week 8 : Windows

Well it's Sunday again and we have had another great week, lots of shapes and I have been busy so haven't quite got round to everyone is always nice to see how differently we all improvise or interpret the prompt.   Don't forget you can always join in once a week and make the word fit your particular view of life, however sideways or slanted it may be!

This week is a great one for me.. our Zac comes home after four months in the Pacific; he is training to be a navigation officer with Princess Cruises and this is his last sea phase of training but has been his longest.  Missing Christmas too makes it feel longer, though to be sure he won't have felt like he missed out on 9 weeks of rain (though to be fair the San Francisco to Hawaii run has not been all that fine some trips!)

We will have a mock Christmas Dinner next week.. though it will be a lot less stressful without having to 'be ready'.  A few weeks home, a weeks holiday to really hang out together and then he is back to college for his final courses and tests..

So, our prompt for this week... Windows.

I am trying to choose words which are easy if you are short on time and also things you probably have pictures of in reserve if the wintery conditions mean you don't want to get out much (apart from Joy of course who we all envy languishing in her Florida sun ;-)  )

I have tried to expand the prompt and give you some food for thought as well:
  • Monday ... my favourite view through a window
  • Tuesday ... Shop or large building window
  • Wednesday ... Modern windows
  • Thursday ... Traditional window
  • Friday ... Ornate window
  • Saturday ... Small window
  • Sunday... a Window of Opportunity (may be easier to write about than photograph!)
Hope that has given you a few ideas.. or maybe made the whole thing worse.. if so .. just 'show me some windows', a different type each day.
St Michael's Mount.. I think the windows here tick several of the prompt boxes!


  1. Thanks Kathi, strangely an hour ago I hopped out of bed, grabbed my camera and took a sunrise photo, don't often see those as I am still asleep!! glad I did as it is now grey and looking like rain again!!
    Hoe excited you must be to see Zac again xxxx

    1. Yep, he is packed and may well be first off the gangplank x

  2. Thank you very much for the new theme, dear KathiJo.
    Recently I read that one of the major diseases of our time is boredom.
    How nice that there are people like you that make our day more interesting and easier. Thank you!
    Good luck!

    1. You are kind.. I enjoy keeping in touch too x

  3. Thank you Kathi. It will make sure I get out and about this week

    1. Thanks Viv, got your email and will reply asap.. xx