Monday, 31 March 2014

Week 14: Mothers & Mothering.

Hi everyone.

Writing this on Sunday and realising that everyone is a little preoccupied at the moment I thought I would give us an 'easy week' and not ask for too much from you.

In the UK today is Mother's Day. or more correctly 'Mothering Sunday. Lots has been written about the history of the day, how people used to go back to their 'Mother Church' and so on; later children working in service used it as an opportunity to return to see their families before the Easter holidays..and now it has become a day to honour our Mums and especially for children to make or give them gifts.

So, moving on a little from last week's 'Family' prompt, I thought I would ask you to tell us something about .. 
Mothers or Mothering.. can tell us about your own Mum, or if that is a little hard, share with us how your children have celebrated Mother's Day in your house...... or maybe just an anecdote about 'Mothering'

or even just one picture of a Mother-type event this week.

The picture is a great shot of my Mum with Ross about 25 years ago.. x

PS At the end of April we can revisit our 'Views' (from week 5) and see how Spring has arrived .. in case you are out and about and want to take your photos in readiness..x


  1. Dear KathIJo, thank you very much for your weekly topics. You really do a great challenge!
    The theme of family / week 13 / is very pleasant - I'll catch up with more pictures.
    Have a nice week!

  2. kathi sorry to drive you mad , but is there a list for this week as I can't see it .thanks Mich

  3. Hi Michele..I haven't made a daily list this week as it was seeming a bit much for people to get involved in every day I have left it for people to write and much or as little as they fancy this week..hope that is okay. I didn't always see your entries as they are not always linked into the Lucky page.. but I will try and catch up with your blog when next online in the office xx

  4. thanks Kathi I am really behind will try and catch up