Monday, 2 June 2014

Week 23 : Transport

Boats and planes..
Hi everyone! Sorry I did not get my fabrics post done over at kathijo just yet. I did take my pictures but have had quite a bit of other news and pics so haven't posted yet.

Thanks to everyone who has posted..

I was emailing and chatting with Karen and she made a great suggestion for this week's prompt:  Transport ..

Here are a few ideas.. or just do a single post!

  • Monday ..... My car
  • Tuesday.....Two or three wheeled transport
  • Wednesday..... Picture taken from on a train, boat or plane.
  • Thursday..... Vintage Transport
  • Friday.....Public Transport
  • Saturday.....Boats or planes
  • Sunday.....Unusual transport or leisure time transport

1 comment:

  1. Some great thumbnails there I can see.. so busy i can't get to you just yet! K xx