Monday, 9 June 2014

Week 24 : Past Times

My Grandparent's Wedding
Hi everyone.. again I was one of the late breakers with my offerings for last week's challenge and I did all my pictures in one post which can be easier sometimes!

I must also confess to having some help with this weeks prompt, again from Karen, which is lovely.. thank you..xx

She has suggested 'Past Times' and with the recent UK commemoration of the 70th Anniversary Of the D-Day landings in France I think this may be a good time to tell a story or two.. with or without a picture.

We can make it wide ranging so don't feel you have to find your oldest pictures from the depths of that box in your attic.. you could always pinch something from Google which tells the story..

here's a few prompts in case you want to join in every day:

    • Monday....A wedding of the past
    • Tuesday  ..... Cars of yesteryear
    • Wednesday  ..... Toys and hobbies from your youth
    • Thursday .... Clothes we had to wear!
    • Friday ..... How towns change
    • Saturday ... Vintage look today which reminds you of the past
    • Sunday .... make a new picture vintage

I hope they are not too complicated! If in doubt just choose one picture or story to share your Past Times..

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  1. I'm afraid I will have to wait until I get home to do this one Kathy.