Monday, 30 June 2014

Week 27: from the 'Back'

Well I am away from my home til Thursday so I am being extra organised today (Thurs 26th) and sneakily writing this prompt in my lunch break!

Thanks to everyone who is sharing their Selfies or similar this week.  Karen has rejuvenated the prompts with her ideas, good that she is a photographer too as she is coming at it really well from a photo angle.

Instead of being in front of the camera I am going to ask you to take a look at things from a different angle.

Look from the back! 

..the idea is to take some pictures from behind the main subject..perhaps looking back on where you have walked, or from behind the thing which would usually be the main focus of our attention.. I hope you get what I mean!

Here are a few ideas:
  • Monday...back view of you!
  • Tuesday... a group of people from behind
  • Wednesday...back view of a landmark
  • Thursday...from behind a flower
  • Friday...the view from behind a sign / billboard
  • Saturday...looking back on your journey
  • Sunday... free choice.. 'from the back'
I shall look forward to these translations!

from behind..
here is a picture from many years ago, taken from behind the subjects .. my Dad and an Uncle working on the fishing boat. >>>

...have a good week everyone!

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  1. Thank you Kathi :) and nice idea for this week, a view we don't usually think of. xx