Monday, 28 July 2014

Week 31 : Your Summer Out & About

What fabulous fabulous weather we are having here in the UK!  We are well overdue to have a proper Summer and we are having the most gorgeous sunsets in the evenings.

I know we shared our summer views last week and thank you to everyone for them (I have mine all drafted but need to be in the office to publish.. somehow my laptop doesn't like dragging the images..!) 

Sorry if I did not manage to visit and comment on everyone's, will try better this week.

.. but this week I thought I would ask you to photograph some ..
Out and About Summer Views,
 share the summer colours and vibrancy !

Here's a few ideas:
  • Monday.... Summer shopping
  • Tuesday....  Summer Food
  • Wednesday...Sunrise or Sunset
  • Thursday ... Colourful Clothes
  • Friday .... Sunlight and Shade
  • Saturday ... Children in the Sunshine
  • Sunday ... Summer water
Hope you enjoy it...

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