Monday, 7 July 2014

Week 28 : Through the looking glass.

Hi everyone.

I am writing this Sunday evening and its been quite a week since I last wrote or blogged. Zac had his Passing out Ceremony at the Maritime Training Academy and we had a few days away as well.  Work kicked in for a couple of days and now I am just back from our girlie shopping trip to Plymouth... so I have lots of pictures to share and am in a rush to get this prompt done for you!

I have hardly had chance to look at everyone's 'From the Back' pictures but shall try to browse and comment tomorrow.. thanks for all your efforts, as ever... and mine will follow.. tomorrow!

I was travelling home on the train from Plymouth and took this picture of a Vintage type train which pulled into the station alongside our train... can you see the well upholstered First Class seats with tables set for cream teas and the lovely table lamps?
I have looked it up and it is one of the Steam & Cream events at Bodmin... see here!

This got me thinking and howabout this week we share some:
 pictures taken through a window, or in a Mirror (Looking Glass)

Here are a few daily prompts in case you need them:
  • Monday ..... through my kitchen window
  • Tuesday .... from a bedroom window
  • Wednesday ... image in a Mirror
  • Thursday ... looking in a shop window
  • Friday ... 'Not What It Seems'
  • Saturday ... Something Interesting seen through a Window
  • Sunday ... Window or Mirror View on Holiday
Hope you find this fun and not difficult!

Happy peeping!   Kathi xx


  1. Ooh I like this one, I could even produce the week's list now from achives lol, but I shan't, will try for new ones. Thanks Kathi. xx

  2. Great picture - Wow! and very interesting theme this week!
    I will also think about the new photos.
    Good luck!

  3. I'm having trouble down loading photos so will probably have to wait till I get home