Monday, 14 July 2014

Week 29: Play it by Numbers!

I really enjoyed your window and mirror views. Thanks as ever for joining in. I still need to get around to everyone for the week before as well, but it's been a busy week catching up from being away and we have also had our two eldest grand daughters to sleepover whilst parents do some fun stuff!

I am writing this as Auntie Kate oversees some TV time and I am meant to be showering!

So.. what for this week....(thinks hard).. can you believe we are past the half way point of the year. Next week we shall revisit our seasonal views so remember to snap those places and things whilst you are doing things this week.

Thinking of half way points, maybe we should play around with Numbers this a very flexible way !  

You can pretty much choose the pictures you like but try and match them to the daily prompt!

(I just had to check back we hadn't done this before but it must have been the 365+1 days when we did numbers last.)

Here's some daily prompts, absolutely free to choose the subject so long as it links to the number:

  • Monday... two / twin (two peas in a pod or twin girls maybe?)
  • Tuesday ... fifty  (years ago or pennies?)
  • Wednesday... ten ( fingers or toes or any ten you like!)
  • Thursday ... three (is a crowd?)
  • Friday ... seven (days a week or little dwarves?)
  • Saturday ... One ( a lonely one or the only one?)
  • Sunday ... 99! 

Have fun with these!  

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  1. Sorry, I set the link for collect from 17th by mistake.. all sorted now!