Monday, 1 December 2014

Our Christmas Photo ADVENT-ure!

Share with us as many of these 31 images of your December as you can....
Christmas Cheers!
  1. Lists
  2. Shop Window
  3. Pine Cones
  4. Indoor Lights
  5. Outdoor Lights
  6. Mulled wine or a Christmas drink
  7. Holly.. with berries?
  8. Christmas Tree
  9. Father Christmas
  10. Your Christmas 'outfit'
  11. Reindeers.. real or otherwise ;-)
  12. Carol Singers
  13. Church Service ..actual or a Notice of 
  14. Mince Pies
  15. A Nativity
  16. Candles / candlelight
  17. Tinsel or glitter
  18. Wrapping paper
  19. presents ready to deliver
  20. A pile of cards
  21. Food or cake preparation
  22. Visitors
  23. Your favourite bauble or decoration
  24. Christmas Weather
  25. Christmas Stocking
  26. Christmas Dinner
  27. Pudding on fire
  28. Christmas cakes / Yule Log
  29. A log fire
  30. Christmas Pyjamas
  31. A big......(freechoice.. you fill in the blanks!)
Looking at the list I think there is nothing too awkward to find.. and there are so many magazine images to cheat with!

I hope you enjoy it..I look forward to seeing your Christmasses!

Happy Christmas and here's to a great New Year!!

Kathi & Karen  xx

PS I can only get the Link Up to 30th December..sorry!


  1. I keep looking for the 2015 challenge... weve been doing this together for so long, i will miss you ladies if i dont get my fix of our original 365+1 band.. i know some are joining in on the daily snappers on facebook.. if you havent found a new home for your new year of photo prompts, why not come by and say hello to us over there?

    1. Nicky.. thanks for the's been a slow haul but we made it!
      I am joining in with a photo a day with Karen on facebook but not blogging so much at the taking over from dreams maybe ;-)
      Hope you have a good 2015 and sure we will 'see you about' xx