Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Some of my December Photo-Adventure!

Outdoor Lights / Tree
Just a few of my pictures the past weekend..days busied with Lilly sleeping over..joined by her sisters the next night..visiting Santa on the train and Christmas lights around Mount's Bay..xx

OOOPS! Posted on here instead of KathiJo.. but hey.. it's Christmas!

Nativity at Helston Railway
Nativity in Mousehole
Pinecones in garland.. love these..bought 4!
A (small)pile of cards.. and that's all I did!
First Christmas drink!
Dom's Messiah outfit!
Our meal after Carols at St Levan


  1. lol Kathi!! Lovely selection of photos. Have fun. xx

  2. I know.. what a duffer.. but I decided to leave it here anyways.. been a while! xx

  3. Lovely Photos, Kathijo. Hope you had a great Christmas