Monday, 10 March 2014

Week 11: Light

Hi everyone.. so sorry I wasn't on daily mode last week, I had books in my head all week but just didn't seem to get to posting..we had birthdays and busy days at work so the days just ran away from me..thanks to everyone who so kindly kept things rolling.

Tropical Natural Light

I am away from this Tuesday to the middle of next week, we are off to some warmer days in tenerife and taking time to chill (or make that warm) with our three youngest..Zac is finally getting his sleep pattern sorted after 4 months of watch keeping and I think the timing of a week off will be fine!

This week we are looking for Lights!

    • Monday ... Indoor Lights
    • Tuesday ... Light & Dark
    • Wednesday .. Reflection
    • Thursday... Sunlight
    • Friday ... Shadowplay
    • Saturday ... Natural Light
    • Sunday ...with Flash


  1. Have a great holiday, you deserve it.
    Another interesting challenge this week. I'll do my best

  2. Enjoy your stay!
    We have a poem -
    She : - Am I a shadow on you?
    He : - No, your not! You can only be my light!
    Thank you, KathiJo!
    Have a nice week!