Monday, 24 March 2014

Week 13 : Family

Hi everyone.. a small crew of late but everyone has busy lives and it is nice to hear that everyone has things going on but still manages to peek now and then.

I myself have been away and last week had to offer a single blog entry for all my 'entrances'.  
I thought I would try and make this a week when we can draw on old pictures or maybe just one picture if it is easier for you..

Show us some  'Family' 

It doesn't have to be the family today, or your own family.. maybe it could be just a candid picture of other people who may or may not be a family, depending on if you know them or not! Or even a pet family?

Here's a few ideas:
    • Monday.... Brothers and / or Sisters
    • Tuesday.... Family Resemblance?
    • Wednesday... Family Heirloom
    • Thursday... Generation gap?
    • Friday... Sibling Rivalry?
    • Saturday... a Family of...(something!)
    • Sunday ... Vintage family photo
here's one of mine.. my brother and Grandad, probably about 1955 !

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