Monday, 3 March 2014

Week 10: Books!

Thanks everyone for your shapely efforts last week.. not sure I made it very easy.. I still owe one or two but have just not been out much beyond the same old same old..

I am feeling rather pleased with myself right 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon as this idea has just come to me.   I was driving my eldest grand-daughter Lilly home from school on Friday and we were talking about the fact that on Thursday this week it is her sister's 3rd birthday and also my Kate's 17th...They share a birthday and here is my blog from that special day 3 years ago. .. here! and here!

Lilly told me that it is also International Book Day on Thursday and that everyone at school is dressing up as a book character, but she didn't sound very keen, even with my suggestions of Judy Moody or 'herself' as the main character in one of those 'Book about Me' you can write yourself.....she had been to after school sport and was tired and not very receptive about anything at that point and she is not a girl you can cajole. 

But it got me thinking and I realised that Books would be a great subject as you may not need to go take many imaginative pictures, in fact you may have to steal pictures from Google Images and you could get wordy if you like .. and for sure my Jordan will have some more to share about her cookbooks!

So let's focus on Books this week and here are a few prompts if you want to join in daily...

    • Monday .. Today I read...
    • Tuesday .. Fact or Fiction?
    • Wednesday. .Favourite read to Children
    • Thursday..Favourite Character in a Book
    • Friday... A Great Reference Book
    • Saturday..Your Childhood Memory or favourite
    • Sunday.. Your Book shelves.


  1. Thanks Kathi today is easy don't read the challenge for each day until the day as it is then a challenge, with take photo of what I am reading tonight :)

  2. Sorry I haven't been able to participate the last couple of weeks but I have been swamped doing moving things. Our closing has gotten pushed till March 12. I will be back to posting as soon as I can.