Monday, 4 August 2014

Week 32 : Centenary

Hi everyone.. I am running late and writing this in real time.. 9.25am Monday!  I had a busy weekend with helping at Jordan's food fair stall and then out in the boat a little yesterday.. came home and had my lie-in in the afternoon instead.. so I got up twice yesterday!

All the news here in the UK is about the Centenary, 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of the First World war and although some of us are not in the UK I hope you don't mind if I use this as this week's theme.  

I am sure that even if you are not here you can find some pictures or stories of the past to share...(you know how I love nostalgia!)

I will try and make the theme loose so we can all have something to share:

100 (years anniversary..)

Here's a few ideas, hard ones to choose specific things to photograph, so maybe just aim to get one good post this week if it is difficult.:
  • Monday.... Candles / Lights Out
  • Tuesday....  A Memorial Stone or Place
  • Wednesday...Soldier's Story
  • Thursday ... 100 years ago
  • Friday .... Family story
  • Saturday ... Now and then
  • Sunday ... Living Long Ago
I think we may be surprised at each other's stories..

Kathi x

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