Monday, 11 August 2014

Week 33: Sky pictures

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lateness, the weekend ran away from me!

thanks for your offerings on the Centenary of WW1. I still have to read them..

Easy prompt this week.. with the weather being quite brusque this week and winds passing quickly over the country, passing us first in the South West, the Uk will probably have it's fair shame of what the weathermen call 'mixed weather'
Cute Clouds at the Mount

(Sorry Joy.. I am enviously imagining all your skies will be blue in Belize, but maybe you can find us some glorious sunsets or sunrises..)

Show me some Skies !!

Here's a few ideas, no days specified as who knows if and when!

    • Blue sky
    • Cute clouds
    • Grey clouds threatening
    • Sunrise
    • Sunset
    • Through the trees
    • Over the horizon
    • Sea and sky

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