Monday, 18 August 2014

Week 34: Paper Mates (try again!)

(Having to repost this as I noticed it disappears when you click on it!)

Well I was just trying to think of something a little different for this week!  Something we all have to share and something we might all come across in our week, whatever we are doing.

And then I thought of boxes.. cards .. all made of 'Paper'

so.. share with us the things you see and do made or paper.. so many possibilities..

here's a few ideas, but feel free to add your own..

  • Monday ... Newspapers
  • Tuesday ... Cards
  • Wednesday ... Bags or Boxes
  • Thursday ... Posters
  • Friday ... Tissue or crepe
  • Saturday  ... Hobby papers
  • Sunday ... Your choice


  1. Hi Kathi yes I am back in blogland again!!! Sorry I didn't participates 2 weeks ago, have just published last week and will be doing this week's challenge :)

    1. Always good to see you popping in.. or out.. xx